Team work in the workplace

Team work in the workplace is possible when the unneccessary workplace conflict initiators are removed. These could be backbiting, gossiping, prejudice, cultural and religious disharmony and presonality clashes.

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Celebrating Humanity Founders - Arthie and Brian V Moore. Multi-lingual and culturally experienced facilitators of positive change through Celebrating Humanity Diversity Training, Transformational Team Building and Team conflict resolution programs. Additionally Brian is an author, and an EFT and permaculture specialist, whilst Arthie is a highly inspirational leader of the Just Coz Campaign.

Monday, June 04, 2012

Team Building in South Africa


We are local and international Communication, Diversity Management, Leadership, Team Building and Team Conflict Resolution Specialists.

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Brian Moore
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Celebrating Humanity International

“Put people together in a way that will have them bouncing ideas off each other, befriending each other, and taking care of each other, and suddenly they are coming to you, not with gripes and problems, but with solutions and great ideas.”
- Richard Branson, in his book, Business Stripped Bare

"There were times when attitudes were so hard and fast that I thought it would be an impossible task to create teams within groups of people that we were working with but Brian and Arthie with incredible insight and genuine humanity were able to find the chink in the armour and break down barriers that had been built and protected for decades.
From those tenuous and fragile beginnings, many teams soared to great heights achieving outstanding results.”
- Sue Hall & Associates


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